Why MeditationPLUS Online?

For almost a decade I have been teaching MeditationPLUS classes in the Goderich area.  People would ask me, “Could you teach classes in Exeter?” which is a town about 30 minutes away.   Or “Could you teach classes in Toronto? a city about 2 hours away.

I wanted to help but driving, especially in the Winter would be problematic!!!

So I thought, I can teach Online and help people anywhere there is a computer or a phone. 

I use a video conferencing service called Zoom which allows participants to see one another and to communicate almost instantly, just as if we were sitting in the same room!

You can join a call by computer.  If you are uncomfortable with computers you can join by phone. 

Zoom will also audio and video record so a class can be saved and then listened to or watched again (and again).

This program will also allow me to share my computer screen so documents can be viewed by all.

Envision people putting their phone on speaker, or their computer on a nearby table during the times when we are meditating. Meditation is usually done with eyes closed.  So hearing my voice when guidance is needed is all that is required.

I am eager to help you:

  • learn how to meditate and begin to reap the MANY Benefits of Meditation,
  • learn how to maintain a Meditation practice – which is important because it is pretty hard to have the benefits of Meditation if you are not meditating,
  • learn tools to help you with common barriers to Meditation
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY learn tools to help ease the physical, mental and emotional stress in your life — as I have done in my life and the people who have taken previous MeditationPLUS classes have done in theirs.  

If you are not comfortable around computers I would be happy to walk you through what you need to do to participate.  Just send me an email at support@meditation-plus.com and we can arrange a time to talk on the phone.

And, of course, everyone knows how to use a phone!

On the FAQ page or Frequently Asked Questions page you can see detailed instructions on how to access the Zoom conference and how to reduce long distance charges if you participate by phone.

People who have taken MeditationPLUS courses in the past have said:

“This was a great course that I looked forward to each week” – Goderich Resident

“You made a difference in my life” – Goderich Resident

I am looking forward to helping you improve the health and happiness in your life.

See available courses here https://meditation-plus.com/product-category/featured-courses/