Why Meditate With MeditationPLUS?

“Meditation has been proven to extend your life, create more happiness, increase mental clarity, lower stress levels, curb substance abuse, and help resolve emotional problems like fear, anxiety, depression, and anger—not to mention, it’s one of the best things you can do for your brain!”  Dr. Mark Hyman

So with all these life-enhancing benefits why isn’t everyone meditating?

The PLUS is the key!  There are thousands of websites offering free information about Meditation online. Did you know that according to Google Adwords the word Meditation is searched 450,000 times or more each month!   More and more people are seeking the MANY proven benefits of Meditation.  The majority of resources on the Internet help you learn how to meditate.

But learning to meditate is the beginning of a journey.  With MeditationPLUS you will learn to meditate, you will ALSO learn how to maintain a Meditation practice AND you will learn tools to help ease physical, mental and emotional stress in your life — as I have done in my life and the people who have taken previous MeditationPLUS classes have done in theirs.  This is the Meditation PLUS difference.

There are many ways to Meditate MeditationPLUS classes will introduce you to many different types of meditation so you can choose the type of Meditation that what works best for your lifestyle and for each particular life situation. 

More importantly, I help you learn tools for the most common barriers to meditating so you can maintain your beneficial Meditation practice. For example:

  • What about that clock that keeps ticking? 
  • What if your mind keeps thinking and thinking? 
  • What if you feel pain? 
  • What if strong emotions throw you off balance?
  • What if you are too busy?

Sound familiar?  If you have tried to meditate in the past I am sure you have experienced some of these distractions!

I am an avid learner, a book reader, a webinar/audiobook listener, a YouTube video watcher, a synthesizer of information. Because I have spent my time learning I can save your most valuable resource – YOUR TIME!

For the past decade I have been seeking, as you are now, for ways to help myself – to help me be pain free, anxiety free, depression free, abuse free, self-abuse free!  I have driven thousands of miles to therapists and practitioners, read hundreds of self-help books and listened to hundreds of audiobooks from today’s leading Wellness and Spirituality teachers, attended myriad trainings, courses, workshops.  I learned practical information, tools, and therapeutic practices.  

I have a wealth of information that I have acquired over the past decade+ that I want to share with you and I am continuing to learn and update my knowledge!

I am a teacher.  I have been teaching for over 50 years and teaching Meditation to others for a decade.  I know how to present information in effective ways to enhance learning.

I can relate.  People who haven’t experienced a life situation often have difficulty understanding its particular stressors and impact on your life.  They just don’t get it!  In my life I have experienced chronic pain, stress, emotional trauma, overwhelm and fatigue.  I am a stress survivor!  And though I am not you – I can relate to many of the life situations that you may have experienced.   

And I care!  I care about helping you to live your best possible life.  

So why MeditationPLUS?  Perhaps you know in your heart that it is time to make positive heart in hand 266x266changes in your life.  

MeditationPLUS courses can help.


I look forward to easing your journey to a happier, healthier, more peaceful YOU!