24 Nov 2016

The Inner Being of Meditation

ByKip Mazuy

“There is a certain attitude that develops over time for real meditation to happen.

Most of us start meditating with a certain level of arrogance and egotism that we may be completely unaware of. We come from the perspective that we know things, we can accomplish things and ‘what is meditation going to do for me’ kind of attitude.

We try and think our way into meditation.

We treat meditation as though it is something we can control at our will.

This is perfectly normal. Perfectly natural. But what happens over time is the sense of being this person that knows things, that does things, that is in control, begins to fall to pieces.

It finds it can’t make meditation happen. It can’t tell bliss when to come or not come. It doesn’t have much control over anything. And over time, it realizes it knows absolutely nothing about meditation and is completely helpless.

It realizes that there must be something greater than the ego that makes meditation happen.

This is when surrender happens; you become humble. And when surrender happens, you are naturally open and in openness, real meditation comes to you.

That doesn’t mean you necessarily give up your practices & techniques. But you do them as an offering, not as a demand; not as a business transaction.

There is a sense of giving yourself up in this moment, giving yourself to this moment so that meditation can take over.

There is an inner bowing, a humble openness to that which is greater, then that greatness can shine through.

Much love, Kip”

Kip Mazuy

After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created Ocean Euphoric, an audio CD that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of deep relaxation and meditation in the listener.

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