Our Miraculous Body

Did you know that Meditation can:

  • ease chronic pain,
  • improve heart health
  • boost immunity 
  • improve the oxygenation of your body
  • and MANY more physical benefits to improve your health and well being!

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

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Our Miraculous Body

Did you know our body has 70 trillion cells all working in harmony with each other?  That’s 10,000 more molecules than the Milky Way has stars!

Did you know that our bodies have a deep, innate wisdom which we can access through Meditation?

Did you know that Meditation can “ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, improve heart health, boost immunity?  The relaxation response from Meditation lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate,” says cardiologist Herbert Benson, Harvard University, well known for three decades of research into the health effects of Meditation.

In this Course you will learn and experience:

  • tools for body relaxation and healing
  • tools for optimal breathing
  • tools for easing pain
  • tools for honouring our body image
  • tools for tuning into our body’s messages

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

MeditationPLUS courses provide a step by step experiential process to help you overcome common barriers to Meditation and gain the MANY scientifically proven benefits.  Each MeditationPLUS course:

  • will help you learn how to meditate
  • will provide tools to help you maintain a Meditation practice  
  • will provide tools/tips to improve the quality of your life 
  • AND, most importantly, as you progress in your study of MeditationPLUS topics (Deepen your Meditation Practice, Our Life Giving Breathe, The Power of Thought, Our Miraculous Body, The Power of Emotion and Intuition and Connection) you will notice a deepening of your awareness, a greater acceptance of life situations, a more positive outlook and tools to thrive in your daily life.  

That’s the PLUS difference!

Weekly classes are approximately 1 hour+ long and include a 10 to 20 minute guided meditation. 

Modules can be taken LIVE (by computer or by telephone) to have questions addressed immediately and/or you can download the recordings of each lesson onto your computer and listen at a time that suits your busy life. 

MeditationPLUS has its own closed, secret Facebook page to provide a place to ask questions between classes and connect with and receive support from myself and others who are sharing this experience. (P.S. Secret means only members of the Facebook Group can see who is in the Group and what is posted.)

MeditationPLUS courses can be taken individually but I recommend taking courses in order especially if you are new to Meditation OR Give yourself the gift of The Slow and Steady Course which is taken over approx 6 months to optimize your ability to develop a regular Meditation practice and along the way become a happier, healthier, more peaceful YOU!