7 Week Meditation Intensive

Would you like to reduce everyday stress? 

Would you like to increase the health and happiness in your life?

7 weekly classes, approximately 1 hour+ (Some classes may run longer)

Week One – Begin or Deepen A Meditation Practice

Week Two – Our Life-Giving Breath

Week Three – Our Miraculous Body 

Week Four and Five – Thoughts 

Week Six – The Power of Emotion 

Week Seven – Intuition and Connection

This course has a wealth of information to help YOU learn to meditate.

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7 Week Meditation Intensive

This MeditationPLUS introductory course will help you learn how to meditate but will also provide you with tools to maintain a Meditation practice and tools to improve the health and happiness in your life.  That’s the PLUS difference!

You will learn many different ways to meditate so YOU can choose the Meditation that suits each situation and suits your lifestyle. But most importantly, as you progress through the 7 weeks, you will notice a shift in your awareness, a greater acceptance and a more positive attitude in your daily life.

The 7 weekly classes can be taken LIVE  (by computer or by telephone) to have questions addressed immediately and/or you can download the recordings onto your computer and listen as many times as you wish. 

For registration information contact me at support@meditation-plus.com.

Each weekly session will be approx. 1 hour in length.  Some classes may run overtime by 15 to 30 minutes so please allow for this in your schedule.

Satisfaction Guarantee after first class. 

“This course has made a difference in my life.” Goderich Resident


Week One – Beginning to Deepen A Meditation Practice

Meditation basics will be learned and experienced.

“Take some time and be …with yourself.  If you don’t, you may miss meeting the most important person in your life.”  YOU !  Innerspace

Week Two – Our Life-Giving Breath

Learn practices to help you provide more life-giving oxygen to your body.

“Did you know that breathing volume is the primary marker for how long you will live? Breathing impacts every aspect of living.” Micheal Grant White

Week Three – Our Miraculous Body

Learn how Meditation can support your physical body.

Did you know our body has over 70 trillion cells all working in harmony with each other?  That’s 10,000 more molecules than the Milky Way has stars!

Did you know that Meditation can “ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, improve heart health, boost immunity?” Herbert Benson, Harvard University, Cardiologist

Week Four and Five – Thoughts

Learn tools to discover how your thoughts affect the quality of your life.

Most people, when asked, say “I can’t meditate because I can’t stop thinking!”

But what are you thinking?  Did you know that thoughts create chemical signals in the brain which directly affect both our physical state and our mental/emotional health.

Week Six – The Power of Emotion

E motions – energy in motion – we all have them.  But how do we experience our emotions?

Learn to increase the happiness in your life and what to do when your emotions feel “out of control”?

Week Seven – Intuition and Connection

We live in a vast universe and there is growing scientific evidence of a FIELD which underlies and connects everything. We “know” much more than we realize.  And we are loved and supported more than we know!

“MeditationPLUS is one giant step in a healthy direction!”  Goderich Resident

For  further information about each section of this course please visit the In Depth Four Week Courses section of my website. 

MeditationPLUS courses provide a step by step experiential process to help you overcome common barriers to Meditation and gain the MANY scientifically proven benefits.  Each MeditationPLUS course:

  • will help you learn how to meditate
  • will provide tools to help you maintain a Meditation practice  
  • will provide tools/tips to improve the quality of your life 
  • AND, most importantly, as you progress in your study of MeditationPLUS topics (Deepen your Meditation Practice, Our Life Giving Breathe, The Power of Thought, Our Miraculous Body, The Power of Emotion and Intuition and Connection) you will notice a deepening of your awareness, a greater acceptance of life situations, a more positive outlook and tools to thrive in your daily life.  

That’s the PLUS difference!

Weekly classes are approximately 1 hour+ long and include a 10 to 20 minute guided meditation. 

Modules can be taken LIVE (by computer or by telephone) to have questions addressed immediately and/or you can download the recordings of each lesson onto your computer and listen at a time that suits your busy life. 

MeditationPLUS has its own closed, secret Facebook page to provide a place to ask questions between classes and connect with and receive support from myself and others who are sharing this experience. (P.S. Secret means only members of the Facebook Group can see who is in the Group and what is posted.)

The MeditationPLUS 7 week intensive is primarily an informational course.  I created The Slow and Steady Meditation Course which is taken over approx 6 months to have informational and experiential components to optimize your ability to develop a regular Meditation practice and along the way become a happier, healthier, more peaceful YOU!