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Thank you to everyone who took the time to write such kind words!  

I love your feedback and hope that you will take a moment to share your thoughts and feelings with me at any time.  Visit my Contact page here on my website, or leave a review about the course you took on the Courses page.  Send an email to support@meditation-plus.com or visit my Facebook page Meditation Plus and add a testimonial and/or a star review.  

THANK YOU!  Your written and word of mouth testimonials will help hopefully many others to be happier and healthier.

For everyone out there wondering Does MeditationPLUS Work?  You only need to read the accounts below of those who have experienced it to know the answer.  YES!

Testimonials from Private Coaching

“Just starting and already noticing that I am learning to find time for me. I am excited to see where I am by the end. Thank you Deb for all your support and showing me I am not alone in my journey.

”Taking a moment to breath and take stock of your body and the way it feels is amazing. No longer needing assistance from various substances to help me sleep has been a big step for me. Allowing myself to feel and grow through the steps of your program has been more valuable than I can put words to. I am empowered and feeling so much better for it. Thank you Deb.”

Angela Duncan, Goderich ON

SOME TESTIMONIALS from the Online Slow and Steady 6 Month Meditation Course 

Overall, I feel the MeditationPLUS Course Slow and Steady is an exceptional tool to learn about Meditation! Everyday I find that I use something that I learned during this MeditationPLUS course i.e. Stopping to really LOOK at something beautiful and acknowledge how lucky I am to be in that moment. Slowing down my thought processes and simplifying things. Being in the now. The sense of satisfaction I get from being able to think about something deeper than the immediate emotion. And I am able to shut off my mind (most of the time) in the evenings and finally have restful sleep. And I can now meditate.
During the classes I enjoyed the ability to see all the other participants and interact with them even though we were not in the same room….( or country !) And I found Deb’s voice to be very calming and relaxing. And after the classes I found the handouts were exceptional. I have quite a few I still want to study in more depth. There are links within links; different authorities speaking about the same concepts to help bring clarity to any interest level; medical, scientific as well as spiritual leaders explaining the ideas as seen from their particular specialty.
I think a course in understanding Mediation and it’s value to our lives should be given in high schools. I wish I had taken the time to look into this practice way back when life was hectic. I am sure it would have enabled me to cope with all that life threw at me in a more positive way. Regardless, I plan to continue to learn more and use the ideas presented in the Slow and Steady MeditationPLUS course to enrich the life I have left. Thank you so much, Deb Smith, for your insights and guidance!

Karen Dejong, Nicaragua

I took the MeditationPlus course to help me learn to relax and breathe properly. Now, I regularly meditate using the different techniques that Deb taught me. I have the skills to practice relaxation breathing, healthy self reflection, and meditation on a regular basis. My life is more enriched because of this. Thanks Deb for all the pluses!

Colette O’Kane Goderich ON

A FEW TESTIMONIALS from my 7 Week Online Meditation Intensive Course

When I met Deb I was taking medication to correct my sleep cycle. That’s how out of whack my sleep was – because I just not sleeping and it was affecting everything else in my life.  I know that medication can be helpful and I’m grateful it exists but I really don’t like to take medication and I like to get off medication as quickly as I can, because we don’t know the long term effect of all these different pills. And I felt groggy in the mornings. But by doing the Gratitude Meditation that Deb taught me, I was very, very thankful because I was having a more restful sleep. And the side effects of Meditation are beautiful.  There’s lots of other good stuff happening in my life that I didn’t expect because I am doing Meditation. I think it’s really important to learn to Meditate. And just to be clear, this didn’t happen right away. No, it was a process. It isn’t just a one-time thing. It happened because of regular practice. Now I can get in a relaxed state faster.  I’m a whole hearted supporter of Meditation now. It has changed my life It helped me come through a lot of life situations. All these things that I know its done for me.  It helps me be more clear headed. It helps me stay on more of an even keel.  It helps me to respond instead of react to a situation and look at people from the heart, from a place of love. It tunes you more into who you truly are and who you want to be. That is the most empowering thing about Meditation.

Also wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Deborah and her teachings! Today I had an MRI of my neck. I was in the machine for just over 20 minutes. Lots of knocking and clanging and crazy noise. Such a small narrow space. I got through it because of all I learned about meditation. Initially, I just became one with the noise, noticing and letting it go one by one. Then I went toward gratitude. I moved through different techniques. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have survived it without knowing what I learned from Deb. So, thank you thank you thank you, Deb! You made what could have been a break down event, a real breakthrough experience!

Africa Archield from Kyle Texas

Deb is a master at teaching meditation! She is authentic, engaging and has a deep love, appreciation and understanding of this age old practice. I’ve been meditating for a while now and wanted to get better. I am loving all I’m learning! She’s a great teacher and shares abundantly.  I would highly recommend Deb Smith to coach and train anyone to learn how to meditate. My life is so centered and more peaceful because of what Deb has taught me. Thank you Deb!

Darla Kirchner from Olde West Chester, Ohio 

I am experiencing more joy and contentment in my life since taking your meditation course, Deb. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Lynn Devereaux from Seaforth ON

An amazing way to be introduced to the vast world of Meditation. I really enjoyed the way the first week’s “lessons” introduced us to a very basic level of understanding. Then each module went a step deeper but not too quickly to overwhelm. The various “tools” taught were definitely life skills that we should all have in order to cope with life’s ups and downs.

The internet meeting format worked wonderfully. I am a trucker and I was able to catch each weekly lesson no matter where I was on my way to California.

Deb Smith is an experienced and highly capable leader. She really listens to your questions, understands what you are trying to say and has interesting anecdotes to illustrate her points. She is a thoughtful, intuitive person who makes learning something new fun and interesting. 

Karen DeJong from Goderich ON and California USA and points in between

Update from Karen 1 year later:

I took Deb Smith’s 4 week Beginning a Meditation course over a year ago. I have to admit that I met Deb as a friend of a friend, and as I got to know her better; I found she was one of those positive, caring people that are so nice to be around. As our friendship grew, I learned of her passion for teaching meditation. Right away, I thought, Oh no….. that’s one of those woo-woo areas of life that I’ve heard about but think are probably just silly. Hope she doesn’t expect me to partake in any of that with her. And she did not. Long story short, many months later….. as a good friend, I thought I would show an interest and help her out by joining a class. You know, numbers help when you are running an online class and I wanted her to be successful! Keep in mind that I have never meditated and didn’t think I even wanted to ! What an eye-opener. I loved it….. I learned lots and lots about meditation. I learned that I can decide how to use meditation in my life, my own way, to take back control of things that I didn’t think I had control over. I am continuing to meditate on a regular basis. I particularly recommend this course to anyone who actually thinks meditation is for crazies ! Just try it. For yourself  Karen Oct 5, 2017

Some Testimonials from Past MeditationPLUS Courses 

Six Week Transformational Course

“Before I took the Meditation course with Deb Smith I had been soooo anxious when driving that if I drove for even 30 minutes I would have to go straight to bed when I got home.  The weekend after the 6 week course finished  I drove 2 hours to visit my grandchildren.  I played with them, stayed over night and then drove 2 hours back to Goderich the next day!  Thank you, Deb!”  – Carol,  Goderich Resident

Professional Development Workshop for Elementary Teachers

My brain was clear, my body rested, and my heart was filled with gratitude. I have learned many fantastic strategies that I will use starting today.” – Exeter teacher

Five Day Meditation Intensive

“Meditation Plus is one giant step in a healthy direction!”  –  Goderich Resident

Six Week Transformational Course

“When I took the meditation course I was in a bubble of my world in the past. I was sick at heart. I became open to learning how to forgive and it opened doors for me.  I began counseling. I made peace in my life and my heart and my mind. The course showed me a different path in life and tools that I can use. And I feel so free.  And I am happy. Thank you and I wish you luck.” – Paulette Gervais, wife, mother and proud grand-mother of Goderich.ON

Six Week Transformational Course

“This was a great course that I looked forward to each week” – Goderich Resident

Six Week Transformational Course

“You made a difference in my life” – Goderich Resident

MeditationPLUS Coaching

 “A great teacher of how to start to learn about and how to meditate.   With simple easy ways she will help you find what resonates and works with you.” Scott Bruschett, Goderich ON