Develop Your Intuition Through Meditation

Develop your intuition through Meditation

Intuition is that second sense, that unique way of knowing something before you’ve been told that can help you be a better friend, escape from difficult situations or understand complex information. A heightened sense of intuition is valuable and even life-changing, and meditation can help you develop and hone your intuition.

Meditation not only helps you understand yourself better, but it also brings the spirit in tune with others and with the divine, allowing people who meditate regularly to experience flashes of higher knowledge and insight. The more you meditate, the more open you are to receiving this type of special, internal wisdom.

Meditation helps develop your intuition in several ways. By clearing your mind of the continuous worry and stress that plague clear thought, you will be able to hear your inner voice more clearly and loudly. Intuition requires the ability to listen to that inner voice. Meditation will also teach you how to slow the fast pace of your mind and to exist in the present moment. When you are free from the burdens of fear, worry, stress and uncertainty, you can then reach the place where your intuition grows and evolves. Likewise, intuition stems from the right side of the brain, which meditation helps to develop and stimulate.

Intuition is connected to higher knowledge that comes to the spirit without logic or reason, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a “gut feeling.” Meditation can clear your mind of its clutter, remove the continual voice or noise that serves as a negative blocking force, and bring you to a state of peaceful mindfulness where your intuition is both developed and strengthened. As you continue with your meditation techniques, your intuition will grow and develop.

In truth, meditation can help you both know yourself and others better.


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This website also has excellent pages that detail 143 benefits of Meditation.