Retired Elementary School Teacher  30+ years                                                 

Meditation Teacher for over a decade

Reiki Master since 2004


Other Courses Taken

Awakened Coaching

CranialSacral Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy

Access Consciousness 

Polarity/Synergy Therapy

Trager Bodywork

Bodytalk Access

Chakra Therapy



Deb Smheadshotith is the founder of MeditationPLUS, a system of teaching Meditation that emphasizes Body, Mind and Spirit providing tools to ease physical, mental and emotional stress in today’s busy world with today’s busy lifestyles.  

She has been participating as a consumer and as a student in alternative healing practices for over 20 years.  Deb Smith developed MeditationPLUS as a way to give to others the healing tools and techniques that she learned to help herself in extremely physical and emotionally stressful life challenges.  She succeeds in integrating and synthesizing strategies, tools, techniques learned from many different sources.

Deb Smith has a Bachelor of Education and over 30 years of experience as an educator, teaching Meditation practices for a decade. She offers classes online and in person in many different types of Meditation. Individual meditation coaching is also available.

She is also a Motivational Speaker and has spoken to Teacher, Nursing and Women’s groups and also at Wellness events.  

She lives happily in Goderich ON, the prettiest town in Canada.