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Meditation Plus Transformation

Meditation For Today’s Life

More than ever before people are seeking to find the MANY life enhancing benefits of meditation.

Would you like to worry less?

Would you like better sleep?

Would you like a more relaxed body or relief from pain?

Would you like to reduce everyday stress?

Would you like to learn tools to have a happier life, tools that will last a lifetime; tools to pass on to those you love?

If you answered YES 

then you are on the right page!

Meditation has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years. 

Meditation has been proven in hundreds of studies to:                                                                                                                       owl with text400x340

• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Increase feelings of well-being
• Improve quality of sleep
• Increase focus and memory 
• Decrease muscle tension and headaches
• Enhance your immune system
• Lower your blood pressure
• Decrease your heart and respiratory rate
• Help your body recover from injury
• Enhance intuition and creativity
• Increase happiness

Meditation is easy to learn and you do not have to meditate for long periods of time or be seated in an uncomfortable position to achieve results.

Every person can discover a way to meditate that suits their lifestyle!

With MeditationPLUS you can develop skills and tools to release physical and emotional stress.  

I know from my personal experience the benefits of regular Meditation.  Learning to meditate, becoming aware of my thoughts and shifting my perspective has helped me relieve chronic pain from two car accidents; helped me sleep better; improved my anxiety; reduced the stress in my busy life; improved my happiness and the ease of my life in general.

You, too, can learn valuable tools to release stress and find peace of mind in today’s busy world in a supportive group or individual format.

You can gain the MANY benefits of Meditation.


An opportunity for a healthier, happier, more peaceful YOU!

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Deb Smith

Deb Smith is a retired teacher, life long learner and synthesizer of information, who has experienced in the past; chronic pain, sleep disorder, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, emotional trauma.  Meditation has been a key tool to her recovery and to transforming her life.

“I shifted from surviving in pain to thriving in happiness.” 

I have been on a mission to heal myself and I have learned tools that have helped me, helped the people who have taken my MeditationPLUS classes and will also help you and the people you love to be healthier, happier and more peaceful!   

Happy Meditating,

Deb Smith